When Filing for a Divorce in Netherlands

Janson Cody November 16, 2016 Comments Off on When Filing for a Divorce in Netherlands
When Filing for a Divorce in Netherlands

Aside from the fact that filing for a divorce is never easy emotionally, like you will surely end up drained, it is also complicated legally. Divorce laws vary based on countries and even states at that. If you happen to be one of the residents of Netherlands, then you should first familiarize the divorce law in this country if you are planning to get one. You can check this schrijfwereld as you will have a lot to learn from here about the divorce proceedings in Netherlands. It will also be better if you contact echtscheidingsadvocaat Utrecht as they are more adept when it comes to divorce laws in this country.

But you can also learn some of the divorce proceedings in Netherlands here:

  • A divorce proceeding though is made simpler in Netherlands. Unlike in other countries where you need to really provide a detailed reason why you are getting a divorce, in Netherlands, the fact that you don’t want to live together is good enough. However, you need to file for the divorce in the court. This means, you need to first get yourself a divorce lawyer.

      • When getting a divorce, it is given that your conjugal properties will be divided. This is why, before seeing a lawyer, bring with you the needed documents such as marriage contract, value of the marital home, Life insurance policies, value of the things in your home and so on.
      • Another aspect that must be dealt is the alimony. You can talk with this to your lawyer. He should be able to explain this to you in detail.
      • If you are a homeowner and the equity is completely yours, then you should talk this out with your husband as who will have the house. However, if it is not completely paid yet like there is still a mortgage, then the value of the property above the mortgage will be divided equally.


      • If there is a pension right that is built up within the marriage, this will be divided equally as well. The bottom line is, everything will be divided equally the moment you will file for a divorce.

Divorce proceeding is an emotionally-draining and stressful ordeal. Thus before finalizing everything, be sure that you will not regret this. If there is still even the slightest chance that you can get along with your partner, you should give that a shot.

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