Understanding Misdemeanor Offenses in Colorado

Janson Cody November 24, 2018 Comments Off on Understanding Misdemeanor Offenses in Colorado
Understanding Misdemeanor Offenses in Colorado

It is easy to have a misconception of what misdemeanor charges mean and why they are criminal matters that deserve professional guidance. The reality is any charges made against you deserve to be handled with utmost consideration taking to account the impacts it will have on your life.  For a lot of people, there is a wrong notion that misdemeanor offenses are minor matters which will easily be settled and going through the pain of having a legal attorney by your side is not worth the costs. This cannot be further from the truth considering all the risks you subject to yourself whenever handling any legal matter on your own accord.

The first step to appreciating the importance of a Colorado criminal defense attorney when faced with misdemeanor charges is to have an idea of what the law stipulates for the offense classification. According to Colorado law, there are three primary types of misdemeanors namely traffic misdemeanor, regular misdemeanor, and drug misdemeanor. Each type of misdemeanor further has different categories which take to account the general nature of the case and provides the guideline upon which the case will be handled. Every class comes with a sentence range that you face or bail that you are likely to pay in the event that the courts find you at fault.

In all evaluations, a misdemeanor is not as severe as a felony charge, but this does not make cases under the category to be simpler. A keener look at the different statutes that dictate each class of misdemeanor will through professional interpretation reveal enormous details which you might have overlooked all along. The phrase ‘the law is clear’ is never an excuse for seeking legal assistance especially when you think that the issue at hand is simple. By not taking to account simple details you stand at a disadvantage of facing harsher penalties than would be the case if you made the right decision from the very beginning.

Beyond the interpretation and analysis of facts of your case, you need a criminal defense lawyer to stand up for your rights. In the midst of all the confusion that comes when you have to face a charge in a court, an attorney maintains a clear mind and double checks each detail in the prosecution’s case. Prosecutors are human and are prone to not only make mistakes but overlook facts which can lead to extra charges you had no idea about. The last mistake you want to do is end up serving a sentence time because of piled up charges which a lawyer would have flagged down at early stages.

Colorado law also takes to account extraordinary risk misdemeanors where the range of punishments can be increased. The most common offenses that lead to such exceptions include assault in the third degree, child abuse, violations of prosecution order, and sexually related charges. An experienced attorney will be able to foresee all possible loopholes that can result in severe punishment and put up a good defense for your case. Hiring a good defense team always works to your advantage for any misdemeanor charge where you get to have the benefits of either a reduced charge or nullification of the case.

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