The Most Common Types of Workplace Injuries

Janson Cody July 17, 2016 Comments Off on The Most Common Types of Workplace Injuries
The Most Common Types of Workplace Injuries

Injuries that occur in the workplace can affect an employee’s mental and physical health, or cause major disabilities that are detrimental to the person’s professional and personal life. In the event that an organisation fails to adequately address workplace safety concerns, the worker could sue the company for damages and medical expenses.

The 10 Most Common Workplace Injuries

Here is a look at 10 common injuries that employees tend to seek a work injury settlement for:

  • Fall on the same level surfaces – this type of injury refers to slippery and wet office floors, and slips and falls on snow or ice covered pathways outside the workplace.
  • Struck by object – items that are dropped by another person or fall from shelves can cause far-reaching damages.
  • Highway incident – transportation that is used for work purposes, such as cars and trucks, could become involved in an accident, just like any regular commuter.
  • Overexertion – overexertion includes injuries related to lifting, pulling, carrying, holding, throwing and pushing activities in the workplace. Interestingly, overexertion has been the number one workplace injury among statistics and surveys.

Workplace Injuries

  • Compressed by/caught in – this is the kind of injury that usually happens in a factory or warehouse where large, dangerous machinery is operated. Sometimes little, or even no, precaution is administered during usage which can endanger the lives of employees. Exposure to extreme temperatures also falls into this category.
  • Fall to lower level – this kind of fall will happen from an elevated area, such as stairways, roofs, or ladders.
  • Violent acts and assault – attacks brought on by workplace politics and other arguments have led to severe physical injuries.
  • Bodily reaction – this refers to injuries that are a result of tripping and slipping without actually falling.
  • Repetitive motion – this is a workplace injury that is actually less apparent, but rather harmful in the long run. Repetitive movements include vision issues, typing and using a computer for extended periods of time which can result in tendon and muscle strain and back pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Struck against an object – this is what happens when someone accidently runs into concrete objects, such as doors, walls, glass windows, cabinets, chairs, and tables.

The work area or office space requires careful planning when it comes to positioning machinery, equipment, chairs, tables and other objects. Adequate warning signs for dangerous equipment and slippery surfaces should be visible. Using work materials and engineering control systems can minimise awkward positions, repetitive motion problems, and strenuous handling. Furthermore, comprehensive manuals that explain the proper use of work tools should be updated regularly and enforced. It is also a good idea for management to include a wellness plan that includes exercise and fitness programs to avoid overexertion. Lastly, employees should understand that being careful can go a long way in the workplace. Preventing injuries is a two-way street for staff and employers, but programs and policies can be successfully launched to minimise injuries and keep everyone safe.

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