Silicon Valley Goguen’s Accuser’s Lawyer Wants “Out”

Janson Cody July 22, 2016 Comments Off on Silicon Valley Goguen’s Accuser’s Lawyer Wants “Out”
Silicon Valley Goguen’s Accuser’s Lawyer Wants “Out”

In March Silicone Valley was turned upside down when Amber Baptiste, the girlfriend to a capitalist venture star, sued her former boyfriend for raping and systematic abuse over their thirteen-year engagement. The lawyer who accepted the case, knowing how high-profile it was, is now wishing that she didn’t join in. Not only is she not wanting to proceed with the case against Goguen, but she is also formally asking to be recused of her duties.

Patricia Glaser, the representative for Baptiste, is one of the best known attorneys in LA. Specializing and training workers compensation attorneys. She is famous for such high profile clients as Miley Cyrus, Kirk Kerkorian, Conan O’Brien and Paula Deen. Earlier this month, Glaser has asked to be released from her duties due to differences in opinion between her and her client and conflicts in their ability to communicate and form a viable prosecution.

The court has not yet made a ruling about whether Glaser will be released as Baptiste’s lawyer, but if that happens, Baptiste will be looking for more than someone to plead her case, she will be in need of someone to defend her. Due to the counter-complaint that was filed by Goguen, there is likely to be quite a battle heating up that could have them both tied up in courts for decades. The trial, which is scheduled to begin in May of 2017, still has plenty of time for another lawyer to step in and provide adequate services.

Mike Goguen, former Sequoia Capital Partner, is fighting back. He recently set in motion a counter suit to the case being formed against him. He is suing Baptiste for breach of contract, although the suit also contains other complaints such as multiple claims of misdeeds and sexual assault on his end. Goguen maintains that Baptiste was nothing but an infatuated mistress who became enraged when he told her that he had no intentions of leaving his wife. It was his refusal to leave his marriage that had Baptiste vindictive enough to file suit in a court of law to ruin not only his reputation but also his marriage and his career.

Gorguen’s side of the tale is that she asked for a $40 million dollar settlement to put the case to rest, which was nothing short of extortion. They had an agreement that he would pay her monthly towards the settlement price, but she was not to contact him in any way. When she went against the condition and violated it by reaching out to him, he then stopped payment. That is when she filed suit about his abuse and rape allegations.

After receiving thousands of text messages from Baptiste, Goguen said that he had no obligation to continue with his end of the settlement. Entering into evidence are risqué photos that Baptiste sent to him during their relationship. That is all the information that is flowing from both Goguen and his lawyers. When the pair met, Baptiste was a legal adult, although some media outlets have used misinformation insisting that she was only 15 when the affair began.

The reason for the discrepancy is probably miscommunication about her story. Baptiste claims that she came to America when she was 15 as a victim of a sex trafficking operation. In the meantime, Sequoia has made a split with the accused famed Goguen with good reason. They didn’t want their reputation, or their company tarnished any further by the accusations of this case. A small venture capital company, the whole incident can be viewed as a breach of trust between the two partners.

There are now allegations flying that Goguen may not only have been cheating on the side of his marriage but being taken a closer look at are his finances. If there is a trial, Goguen stands to be scrutinized for not only his moral misgivings but his financial ones as well.

What is clear is that if the whole mess goes to trial, it is going to be nothing short of a circus. Two people who are hell bent on destroying each other, more than getting to the truth, are going to put it all out there for public viewing. In the end, no one will be the victor; families and companies will be left in the wake, and two accusers will both end up looking like the not-so-great people that they are.

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