Reasons to Hire a Lawyer

Janson Cody December 7, 2016 Comments Off on Reasons to Hire a Lawyer
Reasons to Hire a Lawyer

On television and in the movies we commonly see lawyers arguing passionately for their clients, sometimes losing a bit of control in the courtroom.  We might see those pressuring witnesses or debating a judge over the relevance of some questionable evidence.

Because we are so apt to see lawyers performing in the court room trying to make a case for their high-profile, high-paying client, it is easy to assume that they are not accessible for most of us. Indeed, it may seem easy to conclude that we could only need a lawyer if we find ourselves accused of murder or in a heated custody battle.


In real life, though, lawyers spend more time actually negotiating outside of court. Typically you will be more likely to find them in their office than in the court room.  Or, perhaps, meeting with clients or even other lawyers.

You should hire a lawyer any time you are involved in a legal matter and the stakes are pretty high and, most importantly, you would benefit from specialized knowledge of local and federal laws.   As such, here is a list of things that lawyers do on a daily basis, things which require very little time in the court room and probably very little emotional connection—but certainly many years of education and experience.

  • contracts: drafting contracts or understanding contracts you need to sign
  • debt: credit card and other consumer debts, bankruptcies, debt negotiations, college loans, etc
  • neighborhood disputes: property lines, civil ordinance violations, property damage, etc
  • criminal law: get a fair defense regardless of your crime (or potential guilt)
  • traffic tickets: negotiate penalties and licensing requirements
  • business law: opening a fair business, fair trade/partnerships, questions about city regulations, trademarking, copyrighting, etc
  • tax law: how to file, extensions, deductions, write-offs, etc
  • consumer issues: product safety, protecting yourself from various personal matters
  • employment law: your rights as a worker or as an employer including benefits, compensation, illness, taxes, etc
  • personal injury: recovering (or protecting you from) losses due to personal injury
  • insurance law: explain your claims and help you get more from your policy
  • real estate law: home and property related sale/purchase issues, remodeling, city codes, etc
  • immigration law: the many intricacies of moving from country to another

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