Making a Claim for Burn Injuries after an Accident in the Workplace

Janson Cody July 11, 2016 Comments Off on Making a Claim for Burn Injuries after an Accident in the Workplace
Making a Claim for Burn Injuries after an Accident in the Workplace

Accidents in the workplace happen all too often. Burn and scald injuries are just one type of common injury suffered following an accident while working. However, not all burns are minor injuries, as 10% of burn accidents require the victim to receive specialist treatment in a burns unit.

If you suffered a burn or scald injury at work due to negligence or incorrectly maintained equipment you may be able to make a work accident claim for your injuries.

How to claim compensation for a burn

If negligence, either by your employer or another party, was responsible for you suffering a burn or scald injury you should seek expert legal advice from a personal injury claims expert. Explain the details of how the accident occurred, and why you believe that the negligence of another party was the reason that you were burned or scalded.

The expert will be able to assess the circumstances of the accident, the nature and severity of your injuries and the pain and anguish which you have suffered, along with medical treatment received and any loss of income or out-of-pocket expenses you have suffered as a result of the burn injury. They will be able to advise you as to the likely outcome of making a claim for compensation.

In many cases, such claims experts work on a no win – no fee basis; therefore, you will not be required to foot the bill for the legal proceedings.

Reporting the accident

InjuriesIf you suffered a burn injury at work, make sure the incident is reported directly to your supervisor and a detailed account of the event is entered in the workplace accident book. Under Health and Safety Executive regulations your employer has a duty to take all reasonable precautions and safety measures to ensure that employees are not exposed to dangerous or potentially harmful situations while working. Your employer is also bound to report any accident to the Health and Safety Executive involving a burn or scald in the event that:

  • 10% of more of your body is affected by the burn or scald
  • Your eyes, respiratory system or other internal organs are significantly affected by the burn or scald

If adequate risk assessments or incorrect procedures were to blame for the accident, you should be able to make a successful claim for compensation for burns.

Experts in compensation for burns recommend starting the claims process as early as possible following the incident, while all the details are still fresh in your mind. While no amount of compensation can undo the accident, fair and just recompense for any injuries sustained in an accident at work can help you recover, rehabilitate, and move forward with your life.

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