Learn Your Rights When You’ve Been Injured At The Workplace

Janson Cody January 27, 2016 Comments Off on Learn Your Rights When You’ve Been Injured At The Workplace
Learn Your Rights When You’ve Been Injured At The Workplace

On-the-job accidents can lead to chronic pain, suffering and lost earning potential. If you are injured on the job in Ontario, your workplace compensation claim will be processed through the WSIB. There are hazards at any job from liquid on the floor, falling boxes and unsafe machinery operatorsthat may all lead to accidents. Agreeing to perform dangerous work does not mean that you cannot file a claim if you are injured. You might have a knee, back or hip injury making it very difficult or even impossible to earn an income. You could also face high prescription drug and rehabilitation bills during your recovery. Learn how an experienced workplace injury lawyer can help you get the financial compensation you deserve.

You will need to get financial compensation to handle your normal bills, such as housing and groceries. In the long-term, you don’t know what chronic ailments could hamper you for the rest of your life; you could be eligible for benefits covering loss of future income. Hiring a legal firm to handle your case can drastically increase your chance of success and the size of your benefits.Ontario on-the-job injury cases are heard by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. Although you might still be in pain, the process for compensation requires you to submit your claim within six months of the incident. While an experienced workplace injury lawyer represents you, you can focus your energy on your recovery. Your attorney will file the required forms and meet tight deadlines that can be a headache when you need time to recover.

Your legal representative can ensure that your employer and doctor complete the correct forms and submit them on time. A good lawyer will provide your doctor with a functional abilities form, which must be completed by a medical professional and guides return-to-work responsibilities. The board’s website states that, “You could experience a delay in benefits if the WSIB has not received all the information required to make a decision.” The board will assign you a number when it receives the requisite forms, but this is not a sign of approval yet. It only means that they have opened a file with your name on it, and your attorney must refer to said number in all correspondence.

Delays could mean that the board is still reviewing your case. If your claim is denied, then your attorney can also handle the appeals process before the WSIAT. Legal firms are there to fight for the benefits you need now that you are unable to earn an income. Not every law firm is equipped to handle WSIB claims and some even actively avoid these cases. Search for representation that specializes in these instances. Some firms, like Toronto-based Goodman Law Group, employ licensed paralegals with WSIB experience, providing valuable insights into the board’s criteria.

After an injury, you might be experiencing pain, taking medication and grappling emotionally with your situation. In that state of mind you can easily miss deadlines and jeopardize your benefits. Protect your rights and get help from experienced WSIB lawyers in Ontario. The workplace compensation process is not simple and there is too much on the line to risk losing. Some firms offer free consultations to help you evaluate your benefits eligibility. Others, like Goodman Law Group, even provide case assessment forms online, because after an accident you may have difficulty walking or driving. After an incident, focus on your health and hire legal representation to defend the insurance funds you need to recover.

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