Is The Government Keeping Evidence Back from Bergdahl Case?

Janson Cody July 22, 2016 Comments Off on Is The Government Keeping Evidence Back from Bergdahl Case?
Is The Government Keeping Evidence Back from Bergdahl Case?

For an Administration, who touted themselves as the key to transparency, there has been nothing transparent about the inner workings of the Obama Administration. In a long list of things that the public knows very little about, the Bergdahl trial has been stalled, hidden and now allegations are that the government is hiding secret information from investigators trying to figure the whole situation and what happened out.

It isn’t just the public that is growing weary of the lack of information that they get about what is going on in overseas. Apparently, Bergdahl’s lawyers want the government to release his enlistment file. They believe, hidden within the pages that the government is holding back, is the key to their evidence about how to relevantly defend Bergdahl, but the government isn’t interested in coming clean.

The personal injury lawyer Boston, and the military judge, overseeing the trial, Col. Jeffrey Nance is in the midst of looking over the motion revolving around the court-martial of Bergdahl. His lawyers insist that they haven’t beengiven the information that they requested relating to documents needed to build a viable and fair defense for their client. Although disclosing over 40,000 unclassified documents, and over 89,000 classified ones, the defense maintains that there still hundreds of thousands of documents which have not been recovered.

Making matters worse, the way that they received the documents were in scavenger hunt condition. Everything about the files has been disheveled and disorganized, making it difficult to find anything. Lawyers believe that there may be some plan to the way that they were handed the information they were given.

After going through tens of thousands of pages without a road map, they still have been unable to find anything that is of any value and will help them to devise their defense. Like running in a wild goose chase, they believe they are being thrown off track with reason. What that reason is, maintains a mystery, at least to them and the public.

There is no argument that the trial will be one of the most politically charged court cases that any Administration has encountered. There is something different about the way that the government has treated the piecemeal offering of information in this case as opposed to other similar cases and defenses.

Lawyers for Bergdahl think that the court-martial may just be the first step in the fallout of what happened surrounding his trade. Such heavy hitters as John McCain have been said to be sending his own investigators to stay atop of the situation to ensure that if Bergdahl is not punished, there will be a Senatorial hearing to follow.

Among the charges against Bergdahl is desertion along with endangering the safety of his commanding officer and fellow stewards. There are allegations that his behavior directly led to the death of other officers. There has still been nothing but silence from Bergdahl himself. Not maintaining his innocence or guilt, he has said nothing in his own defense.

During the hearing, Nance ruled in favor of the defendant insisting that the prosecution must post all remaining unclassified documents related to the impending court-martial trial on the internet website,  which was launched earlier this year. Also settled at the hearing was that the trial was moved from August to February of 2017 to give the defense team enough time to recover, and to find, the documents they believe are crucial to providing their client with a reasonable and fair defense. The trial itself is presumed to last at least two weeks and to be a very highly public display of the military’s actions, as well as the Obama Administration’s response.

In 2009, Bergdahlmaintained that he walked off his base due to serious problems with the leadership of his unit. He was then held captive by the Taliban for close five years before the Obama Administration traded for some very serious war criminals detained at Guantanamo Bay. He insists that he walked from the base because what he knew would cause a crisis if the intention of the military was found out. What the real truth is, hopefully, we will soon find out. Although, if the past actions of the Obama Administrations insistence on keeping things under cover are any indication of the future, we may never know what really happened and what the real scenario revolving around this case is.

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