International Family Lawyers to Help With all of Your Family Needs

Janson Cody September 2, 2018 Comments Off on International Family Lawyers to Help With all of Your Family Needs
International Family Lawyers to Help With all of Your Family Needs

Family law can be complicated. This typically entails a divorce between two people, and there are normally children involved. The legalities can be difficult to navigate in the simplest of cases, as normally the two spouses do not see eye-to-eye. This is normal, as this is the main reason that a divorce is happening in the first place. When most people think of divorces, they do not think of one or both parties moving to a different country.

What is International Family Law?

With the ability to travel around the globe with ease these days, it is not uncommon for international relationships to form. Should this happen, it is advisable that both parties familiarise themselves with international family law. Traditional family lawyers may not have much experience handling cases, which could very well have several international components to them. Common issues that arise when dealing with international divorces are custody, division of assets, child support, spousal support, and what qualifies as child abduction.

Prenuptial agreements are one such area of consideration if you are marrying internationally. There are some countries which do not recognise prenuptial agreements at all. One such country is Hong Kong, and there are others which do enforce prenuptial agreements. Your family international lawyer can help you figure out which law will govern should the prenuptial agreement come into play at any point.

Just because a couple is divorced according to one country does not mean that they are divorced in another. You may not think this is a big deal, but if you are divorced and want to marry in a country that doesn’t recognise that you are divorced, this is a big problem. If your divorce isn’t recognised, it means you aren’t eligible to marry. International lawyers can help with advising on the best course of action according to the country’s laws as to how a bona fide divorce can be recognised.

Unfortunately, international child abduction by one parent or even possibly a grandparent is becoming more common. The reason for this is that more people buy property and move overseas than ever before. The other parent can utilise the services of international family law to help right the wrong and decide what is best for the child.  This can also work the other way. If a parent wishes to move to another country with the child, the other parent may be able to legally stop that from happening. This is especially the case if it is done in malice to prevent a relationship with the other parent.

Wading through international family law can be confusing and overwhelming. International law is not something that one should try to navigate themselves without being familiar with international law. This can lead to more frustration and cost more money. Trust the professionals to help you with your international family law matters. Whether it be a child-custody, international divorce, international relocation or anything else related to a family matter that involves two or more countries, the expert lawyers can help.

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