How To Excel In Law School

Janson Cody August 30, 2016 Comments Off on How To Excel In Law School
How To Excel In Law School

Simply getting into law school is an accomplishment but you want to get the most out of the law school experience as possible. There are those who already have a job lined up via a family member or from a favor their parents cashed in. For the rest of us, it is important to excel while in law school in order to get a decent job after graduation. There are certain ways that you can excel and they are as follows.

Summer should never be taken off while at law school as you should be working at a law firm. This connection can lead to future employment especially if you shine in your roll there. During law school there will be certain “career fair” type things where law firms come in and talk to students. This is important to attend as meeting the right person can help you gain this summer employment. Always follow up with people who you have met that have given you their card as you never know when knowing that person could come in handy.

Doing research on topics outside of class seems like a dream as free time is scarce during law school. Barnes and Noble has coupons on Groupon which can make that outside research much more affordable. Remember that you do not have to remember all case numbers for exams in law school. The application of the law is what many of the tests actually stress.

Having friends to study with and handle group projects with is imperative. If you are ill during school they can help with notes or all of you can make study guides for an exam on different sections. A solid core of friends during law school can help make the hard times a bit easier. There will be numerous nights of studying until the morning and stress will be at an all-time high so it is nice to know you have people in it with you.

As you can see law school is much like undergrad when it comes to things that you need to do to excel. This couple of years can mold the rest of your life so take your best shot!

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