Defending Your Rights in a DUI Case

Janson Cody May 20, 2016 Comments Off on Defending Your Rights in a DUI Case
Defending Your Rights in a DUI Case

Driving a car is a privilege; and as a privilege, everyone with a license to operate a motor vehicle is responsible for obeying the laws set forth by regulators.  These laws are important and necessary to ensure that all drivers can maneuver safely and efficiently to their destination.

Among all the driving laws, though, perhaps the most important set are those pertaining to driving under the influence.  In Canada, this is called impaired driving and if you commit this offence you could be sentenced to jail time or fines (and probably both).

And if you commit this offence—or even are suspected of it—it is a good idea to get a lawyer, like those you will find at

Impaired driving charges can be complicated but they are very serious. If found guilty, a person could serve a minimum mandatory penalty of license suspension for one year and a $1000 fine.  Furthermore, the judge could always issue a more severe sentence including a longer suspension, a bigger fine, or even jail time.  Of course, should a person be found guilty of this offence, they might also have to deal with insurance restrictions and higher insurance rates as well.

At the same time, the judge could also issue probation or a less severe penalty, particularly for first time offenders.

This is why getting a lawyer from is a smart idea. Professional DUI lawyers actually specialize in these cases, which means they know the ins and outs of impairment laws. And as such, experienced DUI lawyers know how to argue a case, no matter the charge or its severity.

Regardless of a person’s guilt or innocence, though, the job of a professional DUI lawyer is to look at the facts and circumstances of a case and determine how to approach litigation.  Sometimes there are issues with the arresting officer or with the breathalyzer machine.  Sometimes paperwork is filled out or filed improperly.

There could be many things complicating a case but without an experienced DUI lawyer from they may never come to light.  That’s why it is important to hire a lawyer no matter the severity of the case.  They will look at your case with care and scrutiny to make sure that you get the best outcome possible.

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