Contact Workers Comp Lawyers in Sanford for Compensation Claim Denied Cases

Janson Cody June 16, 2016 Comments Off on Contact Workers Comp Lawyers in Sanford for Compensation Claim Denied Cases
Contact Workers Comp Lawyers in Sanford for Compensation Claim Denied Cases

Many often, if any worker gets injured while performing his duty in his job environment or may fall sick due to various reasons while working, then he is eligible for worker’s compensation claim. However, due to certain reasons, his claim may be denied. In case any worker’s compensation is ever denied, then he will receive letter from the insurance company stating reasons, why his compensation is denied.

Few reasons why your claim may be denied?

There are few common reasons due to which any worker may be denied his due compensation. Some of them are as listed below:

  • Claim was not reported in time

Most of the times, workers may not fill their claim form and submit to necessary authority within the time limit that is required. As a matter of fact the claim must be made immediately or within few days of its occurrence, so that the employer can send his form to insurance company.

  • Employer disputes about the claim

Usually employer thinks that the case is not good enough for making claim for the compensation. That may either because the accident may have taken place somewhere else instead of workplace. In all such cases, the worker needs to prove with the help of various evidences that his claim is really justified. Worker may need to enclose the report of Doctor to support his claim.

  • Employers/Insurance company may give funny reasons

Sometime insurance company or employer may offer very silly reasons for denying the claim, because that is in the interest of both employers as well as insurance company.  In such situations, worker must take necessary help from workers comp lawyers in Sanford, so that he can obtain his compensation.

What to do if your claim is denied

When you receive the letter of denial about your claim, then you must read it carefully and note all the important points. The letter also mentions how you can appeal against your claim. You can then discuss with your employer or insurance company whether the denial is due to certain bureaucratic mistake or similar other problem that can be easily corrected by them. Most of the denial may not fall under such category, or your employer may not agree to be so. In such cases, you need to appeal against the claim denial.

The procedure followed in certain states, during insurance claim trials, may be different. At initial stages, you need to discuss with administrative officials, and the administrative law judge may decide your case. Thereafter, depending upon the rule of state, you need to go to next level, if your problem is not addressed.

When your case goes for hearing, then you have to produce all the papers related to factual evidences and medical reports in order to prove that your injury was in fact due to work related reasons. You must move all your papers well within time and also make sure that your medical reports are supporting your claim.

Talk to an Attorney

You should not give up so easily, if your claim is denied. You must talk to any specialist attorney and present him all the details of your case. You must do it before filing your case for appeal.  Since the process of appealing is quite complicated, you cannot argue your case without sufficient awareness about various procedures.

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