Contact A Bail Bonds Agency, Avoid The Arrest

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Contact A Bail Bonds Agency, Avoid The Arrest

Usually, the law enforcement agents arrest individuals at the time they witness a crime. However, there may be times when the agent does not make any arrests on the spot because they were not a witness to the crime. This warrants for a court’s permission to arrest the individual based on suspicion.

It is difficult to face an embarrassment of an arrest by the officer, when all friends and family or co-workers witness it. An arrest is an intimidating experience and if you are in such a situation, a Brazoria County Bail Bonds company can handle the matter for you.

Can the police officer arrest based on suspicion?

The law enforcement officer needs a warrant from the court to detain a suspect for a crime committed. The prosecuting attorney needs a ‘probable cause’ to request the judge for an arrest warrant.

Any logical explanation or supposition is a ‘probable cause’ that proves the suspect is responsible for the crime, though it may be circumstantial evidence to back the suspicion. More the pieces of evidence an officer has, the better are the chances a judge will grant an arrest warrant.

The officer can arrest the suspect at anytime and anywhere, the arrest warrant is granted, as no restrictions applicable on the warrant. The individual may be at any place – public, work or home.

Bail Bonds Agency

Is the arrest preventable?

Contact a bail bondsman from the bonds agency, if you know an arrest warrant has been issued. The bondsman can help you handle the situation and evade the arrest process.

You will be free without the arrest, until the trial, as the bondsman will present the bail amount along with the warrant. The procedure saves time and effort that goes in being in jail after the police arrests.

Are there any restrictions?

The bail is the suspects’ lone ally in times of arrest; however, it is at the court’s discretion to grant a bail. A bail bondsman arranges the bail as well as takes care of the arrest warrant, which saves time and embarrassment of an arrest. However, the bail granted by the court puts the suspect under restrictions and obligations as that of a person arrested and set free, on bail from a Jailhouse.

The suspect must follow all the terms and conditions outlined by the judge and must appear for all court hearings. Other restrictions like traveling away from the place of jurisdiction, anger management classes, and drug / alcohol rehabilitation as per the requirement of the case. At times, the court appoints officials to visit the defendants.


Most individuals can avoid imprisonment by choosing the right bail bondsman. The defendant must be aware of his accountability and if he unknowingly disobeys the terms of the bail; it is forfeit. A bail bondsman explains all the terms and conditions for the bail amount remittance by the court on his conduct. A bail bondsman can effectively handle all the procedures on behalf of the suspect to avoid the embarrassment of an arrest.

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